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Our courses are designed to foster undergraduates who will have a solid understanding of biotech products and processes, biotech marketing and biotech service, along with the practical ability and skills required to exploit biotechnological advances within a competitive environment. Our research facilities are available for class teaching and training, academic research and projects with industries, including biology biochemical engineering laboratory, agricultural biotechnology laboratory, environmental biotechnology laboratory, applied cell culture laboratory, biochemical pharmacology laboratory, and algal biotechnology laboratory. Researches focus on genetic technology, fermentation technology and development of biopharmaceutical products, agriculture biotechnology and bio-medical application. We also hold an animal cell production process career mock field providing biotechnological product processing training. Students can get employment in pharmaceutical, health food, vaccines, bio-pesticides, bio-feed, agricultural biotechnology and bio cosmetics and other related industries. Our department is certified by IEET accreditation and we got First evaluation from Ministry of Education, Science and Technology University.